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    Tucker_Global, a leader in navigating the changing landscape of global risks, organizational challenges and technological change.

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    Tucker_Global, a strategic advisor that can help you build success one move at a time.

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    Tucker_Global, seasoned analysts who understand that analysis is not just about the data.

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    Tucker_Global, an experienced team that understands the importance of using the right technologies to address each risk.

The Company

TUCKER_GLOBAL is an executive consulting firm that specializes in helping enterprises devise next generation strategies to address their priority challenges, develop analytical approaches that help realize these strategies, harness technology for both analysis and operations, and to achieve the outcomes that an organization seeks. We believe in the ability of your organization to achieve breakthrough performance gains if only you put into action the right strategy, analytical and technology infrastructure. Whether your organization is commercial, not-for-profit, academic/research, public sector, national security, or an international organization, our methodology can help you realize your goals. TUCKER_GLOBAL is led by President/CEO Ann Burget Tucker who has nearly 20 years of experience working strategy, analysis and technology issues for the White House Office of Management and Budget, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, National Public Radio, Public Broadcasting System, and private sector customers.

Vision and Capabilities

TUCKER_GLOBAL has a vision of a world improved by the judicious application of technology to complex organizational, societal, communications, media, environmental, and security challenges. TUCKER_GLOBAL represents a wide range of capabilities held by its principals and a vast network of consulting resources that span the globe. TUCKER_GLOBAL offers a wide range of services including:


  • forecasting, projections, and scenario development
  • stakeholder approaches to strategy development
  • initiative development and organizational design
  • strategy for shaping the policy environment risk assessment and policy design budgeting and planning


  • roadmapping, forecasting and assessment architecture definition, assessment and compliance
  • implementation, operations, and maintenance
  • organizing and managing R&D standards development
  • technology start-up management


  • cost/benefit analysis
  • risk analysis
  • geospatial analysis and exploitation
  • competitive intelligence analysis
  • legislative and regulatory analysis


We provide outcomes-oriented strategy, analysis and technology services to a variety of markets including:

Providing strategy, analysis and technology consulting in the realms of transportation, broadcast, telecommunications, information technology, security, direct marketing, spatial data infrastructures, airborne and space based remote sensing, mapping and telematics, sensorwebs, and more.

Guiding strategy definition, stakeholder development, community consensus building, budgeting and management activities, technology planning and implementation.

Supporting research institutions and institutions of higher education design and implement new programs, organizing R&D and technology transfer efforts, pursuing both public and private sector financial underwriting for new programs.

Guiding strategy definition, budgeting and management activities, enterprise architecture, technology planning and implementation, mission engineering, and legislative outreach.

Helping defense and intelligence agencies on issues of information technology, information assurance, command and control, geospatial intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, analytic tools, and operational support.

Working with international organizations to leverage the power of next-generation spatial data infrastructures to protect at risk ecosystems, mitigate illicit transnational activities, support peacekeeping activities, underpin humanitarian operations, and encourage economic/industrial development.


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Join our Team

TUCKER_GLOBAL is always looking for talent that believes in working hard, making a difference for our clients, having fun, and improving our global community. Contact us if you are interested in joining our team as: - a firm seeking to partner with TUCKER_GLOBAL on contracts - a consultant with capabilities and interests complimentary to those of TUCKER_GLOBAL - a best-of-breed technology supplies.

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